December 12, 2011

Charlie Sykes, risible suburban hypocrite

Medium wave spokesmodel Charlie Sykes provides an excerpt from his latest mendacious anthology of wing-nut wisdom, A Nation of Moochers.

How about Charlie Sykes and his corporate paymasters commandeering the public airwaves to shill and literally sell merchandise connecting conservative Republican Governor Scott Walker with the publicly-owned frequency? Somehow the most substantial mooching goes unmentioned.

Come on. How can anyone possibly take this character seriously.


John Casper said...

Something that rarely happens, I don't agree 110% with something your write. I had no problem with what you did write, I just thought you omitted some important stuff, like "Charlie Sykes supports OWS"

"*Do you work for Goldman Sachs, Citibank, AIG, or the government?"

"*Do you work for a lobbyist, "public affairs" company, or other corporate group whose job it is to seek privileges, benefits, or pork from government?"

"*Has the government paid you not to grow something?"

illusory tenant said...

Heh. Exactly.

CJ said...

Oh, I can hear the moocher jokes now. You might be a moocher if... -you have a radio show and distort reality and get paid a hefty sum for it?