December 6, 2011

Scott Walker got his political parties all mixed up

Claims Democrats have paid petitioners, except it was Republicans.

I'm pretty much convinced Governor Scott Walker thinks we're idiots.


Anonymous said...

The hubris of this administration simply never ceases--if there wasn't so much time wasted in this rhetoric and constant assertion of being right, the executive and DOA might appear something other than absolutely autocratic; instead, they, GOP legislators, and conservative commentators don't seem to accept that they have alienated so many people with all that's been said and done, to volunteer their time against him yet-one can only guess that they hope those with the low end jobs are going to remain just struggling along and fatigue and forget. This new round of PERMITS being required to exercise speech--for four people with several days notice--represents the further trip down the slippery slope.

nonquixote said...

All part of the Republican plan, the ceaseless insertion now, of yet another distraction, I believe to purposely dissipate oppositional focus from any of the prior horrendous actions perpetrated on the citizens of WI.

Geez, I was just going to say biggest contradiction of the day is putting the verb, "thinks," in any contextual conjuction regarding Walker's contemplary actions.

I WISH I was getting paid for the forty-some hours I have already volunteered, helping with the recall activities in the last three weeks. I am not a Democrat, either.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

It's always projection with them. They only know fake WTMJ talk-show style outrage and Astroturf demonstrations, so when a real outrage and real ground-up movement happens, they have no clue how to handle it.

If Walker and Media Wackers and Sykes and Lt. Gov Bimbo are throwing this kind of crazy garbage against the wall with 5 months to go, they are darn near DONE. And they attract a fews thousand more signers with every dumb statement.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

The flop-sweat and desperation are showing. So is Walker projection problem that every GOP seems to have. Only GOPs need to hire paid goons to deceive into signatures,