December 5, 2011

John McAdams affirms WRtL broke the law

Reports Today's TMJ-4:
"This is slightly different, in that, it was paying people to cast absentee ballots, but not paying the voters to cast absentee ballots," said Marquette Political Science Professor John McAdams.
What expertise John McAdams brings to a legal question gawd only knows, but he manages to make the argument better than I could.

I mean, assuming "people," like corporations, are persons. Read that one more time: What Wisconsin Right to Life did, says John McAdams, is pay people to cast absentee ballots, but as long as it didn't pay voters to cast absentee ballots, WRtL is free and clear. And remember, this guy is a university professor, widely quoted as an authority in the local press.

Who can't possibly be listening to a word he says, which are gibberish.

May the saints preserve us.
A decision could come as soon as Tuesday morning.
Okay so I was off by 24 hours.

Enjoy some vintage McAdams: I'm huntin' wascawwy wesbians.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that a distinction without a difference?

illusory tenant said...

I think the DA should charge the case and even I didn't go so far as to claim that WRtL "was paying people to cast absentee ballots." I don't believe McAdams has even read the relevant statutes. He's a nut.