April 5, 2010

Charlie Sykes duped by canon law judge

Medium wave bloviator demanded "dead tree" coverage
Self-reported act of ecclesial heroism greatly exaggerated

Last week the Rev. Thomas Brundage briefly became a right-wing darling for claiming that had he been aware of the contents of then-Milwaukee archbishop Rembert G. Weakland's 1998 letter to the former office of the Inquisition in Rome, he would have appealed its recommendation halting the "church criminal trial" of an alleged 200-count child molester all the way up into the papal apartments.

Then on Friday Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter Annysa Johnson revealed that Rev. Brundage had actually drafted the letter himself.

The alleged child molester expired shortly thereafter and was, as the New York Times described it, "buried in his priestly vestments."

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krshorewood said...

Perhaps the only dead tree is the contents of Charlie's lacquered head.

illusory tenant said...

"Pope (Antichrist) is described in 2 Thessalonians 2. The office is Antichrist, no matter who serves in it, and the bishops are his henchmen."

Learn something new every day. No wonder they call him the blogfather.