April 9, 2010

Why Randy Koschnick complained

Tea fauxtrage sets Shelby Foote to rotating in his crypt

Update: WisDems clamber aboard the wild hyperbole bandwagon
Koschnick decided not to attend the rally with Col. John Eidsmoe* after being provided links to a video of a February celebration marking Alabama's secession from the union in which Eidsmoe said Confederate leader Jefferson Davis understood the Constitution better than Abraham Lincoln.**
So what? Perhaps he has his reasons for coming to that conclusion. They may be idiotic reasons, but that hardly makes the guy a racist either. Free speech is important to Koschnick when it's his speech.***

Now Judge Koschnick's complaining has deprived the Tea Party enthusiasts of John Eidsmoe's unique constitutional perspectives. Meanwhile, Koschnick has his own unique constitutional perspectives.

On balance, Eidsmoe is probably less full of it than Koschnick is.

If the Tea folks are adamant that their "beautiful movement" is entirely free from racial sentiment, then why are they so sensitive to what appear to be, in this case, highly questionable insinuations?

* Maybe RK really objected to the tacky black leather sports jacket.

** He's the one who suspended habeas corpus.

*** In which Koschnick espouses the money = speech theory. The former president of the southern confederacy's views of this peculiar First Amendment construction were unavailable at press time.

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