April 12, 2010

WisDems "very upset" at Tea Party speaker


Amusing article in the Badger Herald:
Alleged ties to a white supremacist group ... could have views that may be questionable ... potentially disturbing background information ... reportedly spoke at an Alabama Secession rally ... covered topics touching on slavery and the Constitution ...
Golly! Reportedly could have possibly maybe potentially in theory ...

Anybody lay a glove on this guy yet? No?
Eidsmoe was not available for comment as of press time.
Funny, John Eidsmoe replied to my e-mail an hour before press time. I guess that makes me a white supremacist and a proponent of slavery also. That's some great reporting there, Badger Herald.

Exclusive — True/Slant reveals Eidsmoe's crimes against humanity:
Eidsmoe has suggested that the government "may not act contrary to God’s laws."
Whoa! (Uh, so does the Declaration of Independence.)


Display Name said...

Randy.Koschnick@wicourts.gov works, too.

illusory tenant said...

No kidding. Koschnick is a the root of this story -- in fact, he instigated it -- yet somehow managed to escape the BH's attention.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Eidsmoe has not come out publicly and directly counter the media's assertions, right? So why not circle the wagons if his reputation was being sullied? Will FoxNews get on board with this story and interview Eidsmoe?

illusory tenant said...

They could have spun the old "SPLC are a bunch of race hustlers" angle but it's probably too late for that, as Eidsmoe was rejected by Randy Koschnick and the Tea organizers themselves. Funny thing is, Koschnick and Eidsmoe are both cut from the same "Christian Nation" cloth.