April 27, 2010

The boat people, from Thunder Bay

Bet you didn't know about them:
He is near the Canadian border, he was appointed a prosecutor, but Republican Congressional candidate Sean Duffy refuses to answer whether or how he would enforce the Republican anti-immigration law just passed, with strong racial connotations, in Arizona.
WisDems, in apparent all-seriousness.


Free Lunch said...

What happens if some of his wife's kin are swept up by Sheriff Joe's thugs? Maybe he doesn't want to endorse the bigotry because he is not a bigot. I'd be much more interested in what Rachel, who is actually from Arizona, has to say about it.

illusory tenant said...

Maybe that's the hidden subtext.

Display Name said...

It used to be "Kampfos". NorteƱo isn't too far from polka.

Ron R said...

A better question would be to ask ALL of our elected officials what they are going to do enforce our CURRENT federal immigration laws. I won't hold my breath waiting though.