April 24, 2010

NRO reminscent of PRC: David Frum

Canuckian ex-pat's painful ascent to redemption continues
Two Corner [McIlheran's favored news source] contributors complained about Jim Manzi's "tone." Mark Levin is the most vituperative radio host this side of Mike Savage — but imagine anyone at The Corner complaining about Levin's tone!
Here's the backstory: Adventures in Bubble World.

Entertaining stuff. I'm nearly ashamed to admit I actually read Mark Levin's earlier "book," Men In Black.* Complete and utter garbage and barely suitable for birdcage-lining. It's too bad I hadn't seen this first.

There's also an .mp3 somewhere on the internets featuring Levin screaming about (or at?) Keith Olbermann's penis for half an hour. It's absolutely horrifying. Levin is a respected conservative intellectual.

* There has been at least one woman on the Supreme Court since 1981. The title alone is a pretty good indicator of Levin's scholarship.

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