April 21, 2010

Jesus is (almost) everywhere

Just not on Tennessee license plates:
Yes, we think a court would conclude that the establishment of a new specialty earmarked license plate asserting that "Jesus is Lord" violates the federal and state constitutional provisions against the establishment of religion.
Because, said the TN attorney general, such assertions are government speech and forbidden, particularly where plates proclaiming "Cthulhu is Lord" or what-have-you are unavailable.

I used to work with a welding inspector who carried his Bible wherever he went but would never put it inside his briefcase, which contained his secular documents and his various accoutrements. Something about avoiding contact between the sacred and the profane, so he would presumably endorse the AG's opinion.

But the Tennessee lawmaking people can ignore it if they want.

John Hiatt — Tennessee Plates

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Free Lunch said...

Cause God is not real if we can't rub everyone else's face in Him.

Do any of these people ever read anything in the Gospels showing what Jesus is claimed to have said? Ever?

Whited sepulchres indeed.

Display Name said...

Free Lunch, you forgot "And we need the government to help us do the rubbing, else it won't count."