April 24, 2010

Erick Erickson out-Palins Palin

Sarcasm FAIL:
Billy Graham's Son Is Too Christian For Barack Obama's Army

Apparently these prominent spokespersons of the right-wing would wish to see Franklin Graham starring in another terrorist video.

It's mordantly amusing that Mr. Graham the Junior considers himself an authority on what constitutes "True Islam" (it's "evil" and "wicked"), which he claims requires "murder[ing] your children if you think they've committed adultery or something like that."

Honor killing is an atavistic cultural institution that exists within a variety of religious traditions and it certainly predates Islam.

There is divine guidance in the Book of Deuteronomy (22:20-21) whereby if the father of the bride cannot produce evidence of her virginity (in the form of bloodstained bedsheets) then she must be brought outside where the devout can stone her to death.

Deuteronomy would be Graham's book, not al-Zawahiri's.

Come to think of it, Franklin Graham is an atavistic cultural institution. And CNN recently hired Erick Erickson as a political commentator, whether as a serious representative of modern conservative thinking or as a deliberate parody, it isn't clear.

As for Palin, she evidently finds it appropriate and even wonderful for the Pentagon to present Graham fils behind a national podium as an official spiritual leader while its armies are engaged in the Islamic republics of Afghanistan and Pakistan, which should give some further indication of the depth of her grasp on foreign policy issues.

It's little wonder Democrats support her presidential aspirations.

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