April 23, 2010

Jack Craver's courageous public service

For one thing, Jack Craver deserves a medal for slogging through a virtual Annapurna of pretentious tedium and producing a relatively demure profile of Ann Althouse at the Isthmus yesterday. For another, it elicited the following comment at Althouse's blog:
From looking at her vita, it appears as if Professor Althouse has not published any serious legal scholarship since 2005. Instead, it appears she is spending her time watching American Idol and blogging about it. Whether her blog brings in a lot of money or not is beside the point. The point is that she is a tenured professor, holds an endowed chair, is paid a salary commensurate with that position [reportedly $158K], and sure doesn’t seem to be producing much in the way of scholarship that taxpayers can see as a return on their substantial investment in her.
Which is to say, the prototypical Tea-Republican object of scorn.


Display Name said...

The hearts of single, garden-designer / estate caretakers everywhere are leaping.

illusory tenant said...


Jay Bullock said...

One of the most important lessons Homer Simpson has taught me--and the number is legion--is that if you hate your job, your don't quit. You just go in every day and do it half-assed.

illusory tenant said...

As they say at the SEC.