April 14, 2010

Where is Dave Westlake's amicus brief?

Feingold has been a principled Bill of Rights proponent for years.
This video released last week features Dave Westlake saying he learned to "shoot a gun before learning how to ride a bike," "children going to hunter's safety classes have been demonized," and finally "our Second Amendment rights have been eroded." Westlake then rapidly fires seven rounds from a pistol before eying up the camera.
Except Russ Feingold is just a bit ahead of Westlake's curve. So where is Dave Westlake's U.S. Supreme Court amicus brief and what, exactly, is the point of his "blaze orange" campaign?

Maybe Dave Westlake would be better off defending warrantless wiretaps on Fourth Amendment grounds, or detailing how money is speech and corporations are persons for First Amendment purposes.

Because if the Second Amendment is Dave Westlake's signature issue, then he should probably vote for Russ Feingold himself.


Display Name said...

Wow, drama much? Demonized? Made into demons? You mean like firing indiscriminately into the bushes after ranting to the camera kind of crazy demons? The Federalists and anti-Federalists didn't agree on anything, but together they made the perfect Constitution?

Are those blaze-orange Amanita muscaria on the forest floor at 3:45?

Pastor Jack Wilson said...

I love reading the comments about Dave Westlake. The reason is no one ever says anything really bad. For instance, this piece. We all know Dave is for many things and gun rights are one of many. Yet nothing can be found to smear the man so they try anything they can.
By the way, without gun rights the rest will follow.

illusory tenant said...

The point is, if "Second Amendment rights have been eroded," Feingold is hardly the one to blame. Feingold is actually pretty hardline when it comes to the Second Amendment.