April 13, 2010

A Republican dress rehearsal

D.C.-area Walgreens report Depends on back order
Previewing Friday's Senate Judiciary Committee shenanigans

Concern Trolls of America contend Prof. Liu is unqualified because — oh dearie me — he had an unkind word for John Roberts and Samuel Alito. Conservatives insist they have never criticized a liberal judge.

Tough call, though: CSPAN-3 vs. WisconsinEye.


Clutch said...

NYT: in a recent memorandum to “the conservative movement,” more than a dozen conservative leaders — including... Gary Bauer of American Values and Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America — characterized Mr. Liu as “unfit” to be a judge because he had an “extreme liberal agenda that he would impose from the bench.”

It's a funny old country, innit? when the opinions of a Hagee-buddy bigot nutbar and a crazed creationist dipshit are held to be crucial to the confirmation of a candidate generally known by experts of all political stripes to be brilliant and fair.

illusory tenant said...

And who could forget how the former occupant of the White House deferred to Democrats for his judicial selections.