April 2, 2010

Contradiction fails to trigger priest's recollection

Presided over 200-count pederast's "church criminal trial"
[A] letter seemingly written by [former Milwaukee canon law judge Thomas] Brundage to [former Milwaukee archbishop Rembert] Weakland on Aug. 15, 1998, shows Brundage actually drafted Weakland's [Aug. 19, 1998] letter to [then-cardinal Joseph Ratzinger lieutenant Tarcisio] Bertone.
So let me get this straight. Brundage achieved celebrity this week denying awareness of the contents of Rembert Weakland's letter to Ratzinger's main man at the former office of the Inquisition, but today it turns out that Brundage himself drafted the very letter.

Is that about right?

Only two days ago, Brundage had said he didn't see Weakland's letter — the one he drafted — until he read about it in the New York Times.
He voiced dismay at the apparent contradiction. "I have no memory of ever being asked to abate the case," Brundage said.
J-S: Weakland never told me what I told him to tell future pope

And: Vatican cited "apparent good conduct" at Boulder Junction, WI

More like, I-got-you-away-from-a-parent bad conduct.

Bonus headline of the week:
Satan: father of lies, publisher of the New York Times
— David Horowitz's NewsRealBlog

Great, there's nothing like dragging that up today.

Happy Passover.

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