April 2, 2010

Not just some credibility

All credibility:
BBC religious affairs correspondent Robert Pigott said the Archbishop of Canterbury's words represent unusually damning criticism from the leader of another Church.
A hostile takeover bid?

It's so shocking to see
The old Church of E
Looking down on you and me


Ordinary Jill said...

If it is an appeal for disgusted Catholics to join the C of E instead, it's likely in response to the Pope's call for dissident Anglican parishes who don't like teh gays to join the Catholic Church instead.

Benedict's recruiting among the Anglicans also serves as a back-door loosening of the priestly celibacy requirement. Married Anglican/Episcopal priests who convert to Catholocism can keep their wives and still be ordained as Catholic priests.

The RC has long had the same deal for Eastern Orthodox priests who convert, making Eastern Rite Catholocism a haven for westerners who feel called to the RC priesthood but don't want to give up women. As long as they are married before they are ordained, it's kosher.

Clutch said...

back-door loosening of the priestly