October 7, 2009

Think McIlheran will correct it too?

Sure he will, just as soon as Hell hosts the Winter Olympics.

The kid was 16, the age of consent. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's "right-wing guy" Patrick McIlheran said he was 15. Thus, speculated McIlheran of Kevin Jennings, an education adviser to the president:
Mr. Jennings isn't quite the guy you'd want to leave alone around kids, it seems.
McIlheran's insinuation is clear. How does a major metropolitan paper let its star columnist get away with that sort of baseless smear?

And Kevin Jennings is gay, so Patrick McIlheran is helping to fuel the false stereotyping of gay men as pedophiles. Through lies.

The organ's editorial page editor, O. Ricardo Pimentel, is soliciting community columnists. How about some fact checkers for McIlheran.

"Right-wing guy" is an effective disclaimer, but still insufficient.

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