October 16, 2009

Sanctity of traditional marriage update

"My family and I, we do this all the time."

Dad's first reaction is to make sure there's no puke on his shoes. His next is to get back to the interview after that annoying interruption.

Let the missus mop it up: "I'm so glad my wife was born in Japan."

So remind me, once again, who it is exactly that is "undermining the 'conjugal model' of marriage":
[The people of Wisconsin] intended to prohibit the creation of a marital-like status for relationships that, while similar in some ways, differ from marriage in ways that will, over time, alter key cultural and legal components of marriage stemming from the unique nature of opposite-sex relationships and, therefore, undermine the "conjugal model" of marriage.
Petition to Take Jurisdiction of Original Action at 21, Appling v. Doyle, No. 2009AP001860* (Wis. July 23, 2009).

Oh, right, it's those darn gays.

* Why is lead counsel's address still listed as Marquette University Law School? That should have been corrected a long time ago.


Rick Esenberg said...

Nope, I have thought of it and have listed an alternative address where I keep an office. I suspect the problem is that the Court's directory has an address for me that it uses for my work as a referee and that it automatically used that address rather than the one we use for filings. I will ask them to correct it, but I have not used my Marquette address or affiliation on any filing in Appling or any other case for a client.

Scot1and said...

I would note that getting a Judge's clerk to correct a CCAP listings isn't always easy.

Anonymous said...

they've already decided to make a movie based on the "balloon boy" and his dad- "falcon and the 'snow'-man."