October 15, 2009

Interesting choice of words

"Journalists [sic] have been flogging bogus quotes in their effort
to blacken the conservative talk show host." — Charlie Sykes

Shouldn't that be, "whiten"?

Also: Sykes's BFF Patrick McIlheran is quite upset! that some people repeated falsehoods without confirming their veracity. Priceless.
And they dare call themselves "progressive."
Harrumph! D'you see: McIlheran occupies the moral high ground.

Pro victim Rush Limbaugh, naturally, blamed "Obama's America."


Clutch said...

McIlheran on the idea that Rush Limbaugh is "divisive": It resembled nothing so much as those scandals in Victorian novels revolving around some Jewish character trying to move into polite society, where others would ask, “How could we let that sort into the club?”

Because, see, calling a professionally dishonest hate-screecher "divisive" for a PR-driven business is basically like denying a social club membership to someone based solely on their ethnic heritage.

Could anyone really be as blitheringly foolish as the written output of Patrick McIlheran? Surely it's an act.

illusory tenant said...

That fauxtrage is sweeping the country, mostly from the same crowd who are in the same business as Limbaugh, of course.

And what's funny -- among other things -- is these are the same people who are constantly railing against the "victim society."

Limbaugh's defining moment in that regard was his mockery of Michael J. Fox. Meanwhile they all play the victim harder and louder than anyone.

illusory tenant said...

This takes the cake, from another local right-wing blogger: "Limbaugh has been blacklisted as effectively as anyone in Hollywood under HUAC and McCarthyism."

At least nobody's placed him atop Golgotha ... yet.