October 28, 2009

I have lost confidence in the sources

'Now, I certainly can't personally vouch for the following completely unsubstantiated, anonymously-sourced heaping helping of potentially widely damaging sexual innuendo but, hey, this obscure right-wing radio guy insists it's "facts" so GET A LOAD OF THIS EVERYBODY!'

Good piece by Erik Gunn on this scurrilous feeding frenzy. Unfortunately it only identifies a couple of the Usual Puritans.

I suspect we may have seen the last time Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel calumnist Patrick McIlheran begins a sentence with, "As Dad29 says."

There's some comedy gold having to do with Charlie Sykes's dismay at "complete fabrication" in there as well. Nope, we can't have that.

Ninety percent fabrication, not a problem. That's just entertainment.

Ultimately, Lt. Gov. Lawton's stated disinclination at seeking the governorship couldn't have been more aptly demonstrated: Who would care to offer themselves up to these circling vultures.

Many of us saw it coming after Kenneth Starr's lawyers deposed the president of the United States on the appearance of his genitals. I remember watching that live on national teevee in a coffee shop at O'Hare Airport. I couldn't believe my eyes. I guess I still can't.

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