October 12, 2009

The only note of dissent

Came from Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend).

My goodness gracious, what an astonishing surprise.

The savings of millions of dollars to the counties, presumably, are realized by transferring appointments made by the circuit courts, appointments that are reimbursed at up to $70/hour, to the State Public Defender, which pays $40/hour* for the identical services.

Why wouldn't Glenn Grothman support that? Is Glenn Grothman less concerned with saving money than protecting constitutional rights?

It's enough to make a fiscal/social conservative's brain asplode.

One might reasonably expect Glenn Grothman to instinctively seize at every available opportunity to penalize "trial lawyers." But, no.

Incidentally, could Glenn Grothman win an election anywhere other than in Washington County, WI, or maybe someplace in Oklahoma?

* It's not that the SPD is stingy, it's that that's the law.

eta: Grothman attended 8th most liberal law school in U.S.

Glenn Grothman was reported to be "disappointed to hear the news of the ranking." What, he's only just figuring it out now?

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