October 31, 2009

J-S columnist's fan base exposed

Patrick McIlheran, Kent Hovind honored as co-fabulists

"All conservative thinking is based in a principled and proven ideology": Vapor canopy theorist explains McIlheran's appeal.

(Scroll to the comments, where hilarity ensues.)


Display Name said...

As he said, "its a bit like dealing with the "3 Stooges" every day of your life..."

Follow the logic: in a straight line from the writings of a 2,000-year-old a messianic Jewish sect right up through to how you should vote in the next governor's race. The logic is clear.

Master Jack? He's the member of the comedy trio who wears the motorcycle leathers, right?

illusory tenant said...

And you must be one of those secular elitists bent on erasing all of the Bible verses from the Constitution.