October 21, 2009

Rush Limbaugh, that poor sod

"This might be funny, in a sad way, if it weren’t for the fact that my mailbox is already heaped with hate mail."
Recounts New York Times environmental reporter Andrew Revkin, after wildly popular radio personality and Beloved [unofficial] Leader of the Republican Party Rush Limbaugh told him to just go kill himself and help the planet by dying.

Which warranted hate mail — addressed to Revkin. Makes sense.

Apparently Mr. Limbaugh was simply exasperated after years of his logically rigorous arguments based in meticulous scientific research having fallen on deaf ears. Also quite understandable, of course.

The multimillionaire medium-wave "entertainer" was recently the object of an outpouring of heartfelt conservative grief and sympathy when some National Football League bigwigs decided he might be a detriment to the corporation's marketing objectives were he allowed to join their private ownership club.

The Earth's population is doubling every fifty years or so and to the extent that the resources that sustain that population are non-renewable or otherwise unable to keep pace with population growth, catastrophe is inevitable. That's just a fact.

It may not be during Rush Limbaugh's or any of his devoted fans' lifetimes but that doesn't make it any less of a reality.

Meanwhile Limbaugh's tea ceremonialist disciples claim to be concerned about their grandchildrens' inheritance of artificial economic constructions such as "national budget deficits" and too many resource-devouring Mexicans entering the United States.*

So evidently they are vaguely aware of the future. That's a start.

* Rush Limbaugh would prefer they stay right where they are.

1 comment:

Paul said...

The NFL decides who becomes an owner not the other way around.

All this blowhard (Rush Hudson Limbaugh A.KA. Jeff Christie) has to offer is his money and his opinions, (which in my opinion are on the fringes of racism, one mans opinion). There are many more groups biding for the Rams, not just his group. Lets face it there are more men with money (Marshall Faulk) that will gladly fill the slot and the Rams will win or lose depending on how well they work as a team and not on whether or not Rush is an owner.

As for Vick, well he is a player (he has talent not like you, Rush or I, unless you are a NFL player?) and he served his time and the NFL decided we live in the land of second chances, so why not (I personally don’t like it but, oh well). Life has never been fair (NEWS FLASH!)

Now as to the “Free Speech” argument, I guess many of you like myself heard Rush on Thursday “Almost in tears”, priceless. But the last couple of days he now is in his normal ranting and will continue until someone surpasses him, “Free Speech” continues, so what is being stifled, it simply is not true, of course, you may not have a radio, so you might want to get one.


PS – I am sure someone is working to put the tapes together maybe all you subscribers can help, since you are all about getting to the truth?

PPS- Beauty Pageant Judge - Now I understand why he lost the weight, to find a new wife, creepy.