October 11, 2009

Pennsylvania's Neumanns

Homicide by ignorance plus fantasy:
When 2-year-old Kent Schaible became ill in January, his parents did what they always did: They prayed.

Herbert and Catherine Schaible prayed for 10 days, and when Kent did not improve, they called their pastor to pray with them. When that failed, they called the funeral home.

The parents, members of the First Century Gospel Church, do not believe in seeking medical care.

Herbert Schaible, who has only a 9th grade education, is a teacher at the Church's school. His wife also dropped out of school after the 9th grade.
At the couple's arraignment, the judge observed that they apparently do believe in seeking legal care for themselves, as the first thing they did when they found out they were in trouble was call a lawyer.

The child grew progressively ill and died over a period of ten days.

h/t Religion Clause.

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