October 17, 2009

Methinks it is like a weasel ... still

Once again creationists — who call themselves "intelligent design theorists" nowadays — effectively demonstrate their dishonesty:
I considered hard whether I should address Behe's argument or ignore it. I am well aware that Behe and his supporters might portray my response as an indication that there is scientific debate over the possibility of adaptive protein evolution: "Look, an evolutionary biologist who actually does scientific research is arguing with me; let’s teach this controversy in public schools!" Because Behe has grossly misinterpreted the results of my research to support his position, however, I feel some responsibility to set the record straight.
Creationists do this all the time and have been for years. The so-called "controversy" is an invention of Republicans and lawyers.

Read: The Blind Locksmith.
The corrupt ideologues of the Discovery Institute don’t realize ... it’s not Darwin that makes Christians atheists. It’s self-described Christians who are shown up as liars, shills, and perjurers who inspire other Christians to discard their faith.
The latter comes from the comments section. He's got a point, although it would more rigorously follow to first condemn the shills and the liars and the perjurers rather than reject Christianity in toto. Even so, the creationist hypocrisy really is something to behold.

And Jesus was no great admirer of hypocrites, is what I've heard.

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