October 9, 2009

So are appellate court decisions

Legislation is sometimes complicated, dense and lengthy. It’s often dry to read, and can be filled with a lot of jargon.
Jim's Weekly Column.

What I'd like to know is whether or not F. James Sensenbrenner (R-Allen Edmonds Classic Collection) has ever actually read any of Louis Butler's opinions for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

That requirement would seem to be reasonably related to his nonsensically irrelevant criticisms of Butler's nomination to the federal district court. Rep. Sensenbrenner has 72 hours to skim maybe 10 or 15 of them and report back his findings.

He might start with this one.


KathleenKMM said...

I am loving your descriptions of F. James "I take my gavel and go home" Sensenbrenner's district. The day I changed my residency out of there fo the last time was a happy happy day.

Display Name said...

If the Speaker and the President really want to walk the walk, ...

Is it "walk the walk", "walk the talk" or "talk the talk"? I think he meant "walk the talk".

It would certainly give the Internets more to talk about if the legislators were required to publish their bills online before they were passed. I can hardly imagine that they'd want to eliminate the last-minute insertion quality of law-making, though.

Maybe Jim wants this rule in place now while Obama is president, and they'll un-pass this rule once the Dems are out of power, you know, just to show that they're capable of sunsetting unnecessary obstacles to quick solutions.

illusory tenant said...

Is it "walk the walk", "walk the talk" or "talk the talk"?

Hit him where it hits.