October 15, 2009

Clarence Thomas was a Black Panther

According to David Duke a.k.a. Dorothy Vanderbilt, in this 1992 encounter between him/her and Scott Walker, then a Wisconsin Republican Party functionary and now a GOP candidate for governor.

The video resurfaced after Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway compared Walker to the erstwhile Louisiana Klansman.

It purports to underscore Walker's reasoning in attempting to keep Duke from challenging then-chief executive George H.W. Bush on the Republican presidential primary ballot in Wisconsin.

Scott Walker couldn't have done a very convincing job at that, because all of the dozen or so telephone calls moderator Joe Smith fields are in favor of Duke's being free to exercise his democratic rights, regardless of what the callers think of Duke's views.

At one point Walker likens David Duke to Jeffrey Dahmer, the notorious serial murderer. "Shame on you, Scott Walker," says Duke.

Times sure have changed for Wisconsin Republicans. Back in the day, they sought to prevent the candidacy of a man based on that man's own odious personal opinions, but more recently they embraced the campaign of another man who smeared and lied about his opponent, and whose supporters spent millions doing exactly the same thing.

"Forward!" their motto.

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