October 17, 2009

Even the wingers are weary of Sykes

"Right-wing guy" Patrick McIlheran, advertising tomorrow's appearance with a bunch of other "right-wing persons" on Charlie Sykes's low-rent squawk-fest Sunday INCITE!, is garrulously chided:
You have Obama turning the country socialist and you clowns get distracted by shiny objects. Why not spend a day talking about Balloon Boy and American Idol while you are at it.
— A. Conservative
American Idol is already Ann Althouse's bag, I believe. "Is the NFL better off" for its rejection of their hero, Rush Limbaugh, wonders McIlheran and his right-wing pals. Considering Sunday INCITE! goes head to head with Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN, I'd say, yeah.

As is the television viewing audience.

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