October 3, 2009

Why must Patrick McIlheran lie?

Or, at least, simply repeat standard wingnut lies.*

Harry Hay wasn't even a member of NAMBLA, let alone "the founder." Has Patrick McIlheran ever once published a retraction or a correction? Don't most newspapers have editorial policies dealing with that sort of thing? They used to. Or don't they even care anymore?

* This one, in particular, related by a lawyer, of all things:
[John Hinderaker] served for 17 years as counsel to Faegre & Benson. As such, he was responsible for matters involving ethics and professional responsibility.
That's rich. I would have thought ethics included for "not lying." And not: "Whatever it takes to smear the president of the United States."


capper said...

Why must he lie? Because if he told the truth, he would lose his Good Boy Award from the GOP.

illusory tenant said...

Well it's a pretty poor reflection on the paper.