June 4, 2009

Scott Walker hires himself a sleaze merchant

Back from a well deserved vacation, Chris Liebenthal rounds up the phony outrage emanating from a couple of conservative "bloggers" in the wake of local sleuth Michael Horne's revealing how Republican gubernatorial hopeful Scott Walker had farmed out the design of his campaign website to an Ohio firm with GOP connections.

Dan Cody's item here is also worth a gander, chronicling as it does the comical histrionics of one desperately ineffective amateur logician, Aaron Rodriguez.

Walker is running on a promise of keeping jobs in Wisconsin: "Wisconsin just isn’t competitive," sez the current Milwaukee County Executive. "Other States are taking our jobs."

The Buckeye State for one, with Walker's own generous facilitating.

Lately we've been enjoying following The Real Scott Walker's Dilbertian ambitions on teh Twitter.

Also noteworthy is Scott Walker's retaining the gracious services of R.J. Johnson as his "general consultant." Some of Johnson's prior exploits are related here by Harris Kane of Heartland Hollar fame.

R.J. Johnson, it will be recalled, was formerly the point man for the Coalition For America's Families (CFAF), a sleazeball right-wing outfit that lied and lied and lied about former Justice Louis Butler's record during the 2008 State Supreme Court election.

CFAF's exceedingly disreputable machinations were in support of Michael Gableman, a then-circuit judge currently under investigation by the Wisconsin Judicial Commission for ethics violations.

Indeed, CFAF's dissembling elicited from Gableman one of the more memorable statements of his political campaign:
"I don't know if the number is 30%, 60%, 80%, or 90%," [Gableman] said, before adding, "I'm unaware of any study that contradicts those numbers."
What the Hell, it could be all of them!

Among many, many other things, Johnson and his "family values" henchpersons notoriously referred to a mentally and physically disabled Wisconsin woman accused of sexual assault as a "criminal," after she had successfully withdrawn an unjustly entered guilty plea.

Thus may yet another race to the bottom be in the offing.

And in a masterstroke of unintended irony, the first video testimony at the Flash intro to Scott Walker's Ohio-designed website features a woman declaring, "I have lost faith in the political system."

You and me both, sister. Thanks to the likes of R.J. Johnson.


Anonymous said...

"A truly forgotten part of running for office is searching for yourself."

Looks like Walker's also brought Sam Veda into his, erm, inner circle.

capper said...

Now I did it.

I tweeted, "If @scottkwalker makes a campaign promise in the woods, and no one hears it, is it still a lie?"

Now R.J. is following me.

Interestingly, he keeps his twitter profile is blocked so others can't read it.