June 22, 2009

In re: Michael J. Gableman, the latest

Lying in judicial election campaigns is not constitutionally protected speech and does extreme harm to the judicial elective process and the public's confidence in the integrity of Wisconsin's judicial system.
Lying is what it was, and "extreme violence" is the expression used elsewhere. This is the best and toughest statement yet issuing from the Wisconsin Judicial Commission's ethics case against Gableman, in its latest filing, the response to Gableman's motion to dismiss:
Granting summary judgment under these circumstances would allow an "anything goes" approach to judicial elections and turn judicial election campaigns into contests of misrepresentations and deceit.
Damn straight. It's gratifying to see the WJC is sticking to its guns.

And continuing to fight this action by defending his own deplorable actions just makes Gableman look worse, in my humble opinion.

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