June 22, 2009

I do my part

Yesterday I discovered that one of my piano students is responsible for the gigantic, annoying Adobe Flash advertisements that obscure the index page of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's online edition.

As cruel but not unusual punishment, I sentenced him to two weeks of practicing the D-flat major scale, four octaves, formula pattern, with his metronome set at 208 beats per minute.

Also, for a hate crime penalty enhancer, his next public recital piece will be Feelings by Morris Albert. (Although he [and the public] may seek to have me charged with a hate crime for that assignment.)


grumps said...

OMG, you're the reincarnation of Dr Terwilliger. That's what you are.

Em Richards said...

I would have gone harsher. B-flat harmonic minor, perform it in 3rds, 6ths, and 9ths, scales and arpeggios.