June 12, 2009

Thinking he runs the Executive Branch?

What was Obama thinking?Andrew Sullivan

This three-paragraph blog post is actually at the top of a section, on the front page of Google News at the moment. It's "The New Media."
But in the absence of any legislative action from Pelosi or Reid and total silence from Obama, the viciously anti-gay rhetoric in this brief can easily be misread, and could do substantive harm to gay couples and our fight for civil equality.
Right, it just might be misread as something other than viciously anti-gay rhetoric. Isn't it a bit late for that, once it's been clearly labeled viciously anti-gay rhetoric? Talk about your rhetoric.

Good lord man, it's a motion to dismiss a challenge to federal law filed by the Justice Department, an administrative arm of the Executive Branch, whose constitutional duty it is to enforce the law.

And like it or not, the DOMA is law. Don't complain about Obama not implementing his personal preferences through executive policy.

That was one of the chief complaints against Bush. He's gone now.

And of course they're making arguments distasteful to gays. They want the suit dismissed. What do you expect them do? Leave some arguments out because someone might be troubled by them?

They're lawyers. There's nothing in the least bit baffling about it. Best to step away from the internets, Mr. Andrew Sullivan.

Go watch the hockey game.

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