June 17, 2009

The blogfather's HOT READ

Peter Wehner contrasts Reagan's appaorach [sic] with Obama's in confranting [sic] evil [sic].
Charlie Sykes, "entertainer"
Most sensible people would stop reading at that point, I expect.*

But thereupon follows some pseudo-theological blather accusing Obama of identifying not with the victims of oppression but rather with their oppressors. This from the same crowd whose skivvies are in turbulence over Obama's seeking "empathy" in a federal judge.

Expect opposition — no matter how irrational — to Obama's every utterance. Just don't expect any coherence or consistency.

* At least, non-Gaelic speakers, although I have it on reliable authority that Appaorach is a delightful Speyside single malt.

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Anonymous said...

I assume he's not referencing Bonzo's Bitberg visit.