June 8, 2009

Wise Latino

Versus ignorant white man.

Ricardo Sanchez FTW.


Nullifidian said...

This may be the first time that the phrase "Bill O'Reilly and the truth" has ever been uttered in public.

Clutch said...

I don't know why Sanchez is so keen to play those tapes.

From the YouTube vid:

And when we found out, by the way, that the suspect was a Muslim convert, we, this show, spent 17 minutes just on that! (Rolls tape:) "It turns out this guy? This 23 year-old? Accused of killing a US soldier outside a Little Rock military centre? is a Muslim convert! He used to be Carlos Bledsoe, that was his name, Carlos Bledsoe. But now he is Abdul Karim Mujahid Muhammed... Is this terrorism? Is this an act of terrorism?"

Fine, yeah, you caught O'Reilly saying something utterly false and stupid. That happens about every five minutes. But being able to prove that you really were as Islamaphobic and knee-jerk OMFG TERRoR!1!! as Fox would have been isn't really a point of pride, is it?