June 9, 2009

Been asking the same question for months

What makes [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel advertorial calumnist Patrick] McIlheran so privileged, so entitled?

The least they could do is offer some "competition" on their own pages with an opposing (and accurate) view. Or they could simply provide the journalistic babysitting that McIlheran so obviously needs.
Heartland Hollar: Generally a wrong wing-guy.


Anonymous said...

A common malady, with a equally common response to the reading public: eff yoo.

illusory tenant said...

"If abortion were returned to the democratic process ..."

We could all vote Yea or Nay on each one.

Clutch said...

Douthat's a fabulous example of how a typical, relatively bright, articulate top-quintile university student/graduate can make a career simply out of being conservative. With arguments and writing of comparable quality, someone of mainstream liberal views would have no chance of landing a NYT position.

Face it: the bar is set lower for conservatives. In some locales -- think McIlheran, now -- the bar just sits on the floor.

Anonymous said...

Got to give him credit, though. The little neckbeard managed to slip a fancified, conservative version of Ward Churchill's "chickens coming home to roost" rationalization for homicide into the flagship of the So-Called Liberal Media.

Other Side said...

Never given to hyperbole, Bruce Redenz of the estimable Badger Blogger referred to Paddy as one of the finest conservative writers of this era.

*Gurgle shplat*

Anonymous said...

"Alternatively, maybe George F. Will is a bullshitter..."