June 16, 2009

Weird Caperton commentary continues

For the U.S. Supreme Court decision to have any meaning, there must be disclosure as to the source of the funds.
Unless I'm gravely mistaken, West Virginia has no such disclosure requirements, and the decision had quite a lot of meaning there.

A better question might be: Who are Elliot Associates and Medallion Enterprises, two out-of-State concerns that provided 70 grand for Michael Gableman's campaign during its final three weeks. And what interest might they have in Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions.

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Rob said...

Paul Singer is the head of Elliot Associates, an INVESCO-owned hedge fund with significant ownership interests in many different companies. He's a former Bush Ranger and Guiliani supporter.

Medallion Enterprises is a pro-voucher organization. It's founder, John Seaman, is a part owner of Catholic Family Radio.