June 30, 2009

The J-S stringer and the C&W singer

Remember this:
Flynn is also a compelling physical presence: tall, iron-haired, fit (he once rode a bicycle 233 miles) and energetic. He has what one observer calls "command bearing."
Well, now there's this:
After nearly 30 years, George Strait is still a handsomely weathered wrangler riding tall in the saddle across the Sugarland of contemporary country music.
It's eerily familiar, isn't it.
He's usually sexually reticent in song, but on "Fireman" he was a back-door man bringing satisfaction to dissatisfied ladies.
Kids these days. Jimmie Rodgers never glorified sodomy.


Display Name said...

Flynn was trying to make Amarillo by morning, but he barely made it to Sweetwater.

It's hard being a back-door man when you live in a condo or your woman likes motel rooms. No back door for a quick exit...

grumps said...

What do you think all those train metaphors were about? Jimmie Rodgers, The Singing Brakeman, always pulled out on time.