June 11, 2009

Top blogger hoodwinked

By the Washington Times.

Not surprisingly, the Times misstates the ABA Canon 2C, which makes reference not just to discrimination, but "invidious discrimination," a term of art and an important distinction.

And what doesn't count as practicing invidious discrimination, according to the Canon, sounds a lot like the Belizean Grove:
[I]t is in fact and effect an intimate, purely private organization whose membership limitations could not be constitutionally prohibited.
Top blogger, Andrew Sullivan, doing his best Ed Whelan impersonation. Ed Whelan the classic oppressed Caucasian male was ahead of the fauxtrage curve, but all he could manage was splutter.

July 13, when Sonia Sotomayor's Senate hearings are set to begin, can't come soon enough to prevent any further embarrassment for some of these characters. Another NRO top blogger actually criticized Judge Sotomayor for using too many commas after perusing a New York Times transcript of a law journal transcript of a speech.

How come nobody ever mentions that Justice Samuel Alito's after-dinner toasts before his "all-male eating club"* associates were riddled with semicolons, ampersands, and even the occasional tilde.

Or Roger Taney's inordinate fondness for air quotes: "Property."

* I don't wanna know.

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