June 8, 2009

More Ed Whelan

The definitive assessment, from Anonymous Liberal:
[Whelan] pores over their record, finds some trivial fact that, when distorted and taken totally out of context, makes that person look like some sort of extremist.
A conservative technique familiar to all of us here in Wisconsin.

Why Ed Whelan is so concerned about Andrew Sullivan is a mystery. Sullivan knows practically nothing about the law. Whelan's admirers know even less, and he revels in exploiting that fact. Eugene Volokh, on the other hand, knows quite a lot about the law indeed, which is why his critique of Ed Whelan's transparent hackery is priceless.*

* Especially the section below the asterisks.


Blake said...

Sullivan knows practically nothing about the law, but he's got quite a large megaphone.

illusory tenant said...

True dat.