June 2, 2009

Release Lord Black of Crossharbour

Justice John Paul Stevens on Monday asked the Justice Department to spell out its opposition to a plea by Canadian media mogul The Right Honourable Conrad Moffat Black for freedom while the Supreme Court reviews his criminal conviction for fraud in executive pay.
I believe Lord Black renounced his Canadian citizenship and its "oppressive little world" when he accepted the British peerage.

So, don't pin him on us, Mr. Lyle Denniston.

Crossharbour is a light rail station and bus stop in East London, although The Rt. Hon. Conrad Black is at this time Baron of Interstate 75's Coleman Federal Correctional Complex.

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Anonymous said...

Portly Lord Fauntleroy, the Michael Phelps of hubris, scrambled to regain his Canadian citizenship months before his trial, presumably to position himself for transfer to a Canadian prison and early release.

A tip of the jauntily askew gangsta cap to U.S. authorities for having the resolve that our government does not have in prosecuting these self-entitled, marrow-sucking mercenaries.