March 17, 2008

WJCIC statement on Gableman ad

Available here (.pdf; 2 pgs.).
Unbecoming a sitting judge and a candidate for our state's highest court. ... disgraceful and deliberately misleading ... a gross violation of [Gableman's own campaign] pledge. ... Offensive, race-baiting ... contemptible ...
Here's the money:
We believe Judge Gableman is deliberately misrepresenting the facts regarding this case and Justice Butler’s role in it, and it appears Judge Gableman is doing so either knowingly or with reckless disregard for the truth or falsity of his campaign statements.
No wonder Plaisted hears nothing but chirping crickets. Who's going to defend textbook defamation? (Aside from this guy, of course.)

Good and timely thing that conservatives managed to unearth a preacher who said something ridiculous (now that is news!).

One of the (innumerable) funny things about political conservatives, they constantly rag on the "drive-by" media for downplaying important issues, or else emphasizing what conservatives consider irrelevancies.

Yet here they are chomping into and dragging this Jeremiah Wright character around like a pack of rabid, starving pit bull terriers, all the while perfectly content to let Gableman's reprehensible advertisement fester away out there, since whatever positive effect it has for Gableman suits their purposes just fine.

"Gableman's campaign adviser Darrin Schmitz said the ad is factual." Darrin Schmitz wouldn't recognize a fact if it bit him on the ass.

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