March 26, 2008

Sykes lying for Gableman — again

The Brawler has caught a local squawking mammal lying again.

You won't catch the Brawler Knapping on the job. How wonderful, in the meantime, that Mike Gableman's supporters must lie about Louis Butler's record, a sitting State Supreme Court Justice.

They must all be very proud.

The press coverage of this race, incidentally, is utterly baffling. "Both sides are slinging mud," they tell us, as if there was some manner of mudslinging equilibrium.

Horse. Shit. While misrepresenting the law and the American constitutional scheme for the purposes of tearing down a good man's character is certainly mudslinging, pointing out — with evidence — in response that the Gableman campaign has been engaging in dishonesty and misrepresentation practically since day one hardly is.

Smarten up and get with the program, local reporters, and do your damn jobs. All of you. Where is WISN Channel 12's Colleen Henry these days? She has a law degree. She should know the score.

This campaign should be right up her alley.

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William Tyroler said...

The press coverage of this race, incidentally, is utterly baffling

The Mainstream Media is just doing what it does best, bland uninformative coverage. It'd (not iT'd) be foolish to say that this race will be decided in (or by) the blogosphere. But it isn't a stretch to say that blogospheric coverage offers more than a glimpse of how future races will be covered. The sooner we move away from principal reliance on the J-S and tv outlets the better -- at least for this type of race.

For that matter, iT's high-octane output is a model of what the future will look like. Powered by a vibraphone kyrgyzstan wankel rotary engine!