March 17, 2008

The blogfather gets a clue?

A guy on a blog says local conservative radio yelper Charlie Sykes called Burnett County Judge Michael Gableman's recent teevee spot "despicable." I'm in no position to verify this because three minutes of Sykes's show was about all I could stand one time.

The blog commenter made this remark last night, but I hear tell from people who monitor Sykes's own teevee spot Sunday Incite — bless their hearts; talk about taking one for the team — that Milwaukee's own King of All Media only made some superficial nod to the campaign advertising generally being "over the line."

Not that I give a rat's left nut what Charlie Sykes thinks or says, but evidently a lot of people do, and if he specifically condemned Gableman's tribute to the State Supreme Court's character and fitness guidelines, then I suppose that might be significant.

Confirm or deny. I know about 450 of Sykes's lemmings invaded this blog one day, so maybe two or three of them are still lurking about.

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