March 21, 2008

Obscure, dorky blogger pwns metro paper

An obscure, dorky blogger totally scoopage-pwnt the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel yesterday when he posted the text of a letter penned by Dodge County District Attorney Steven G. Bauer, rescinding the latter's support for Burnett County Judge Michael Gableman in massively awesome stylee.

The J-S report, which didn't appear until nearly 20 hours after the blogger's coup d'pwnage, delivers the wise counsel of Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler's campaign communications director, the feisty and talented Erin Celello, thus:
If [Mr. Bauer] believes that Gableman is unfit to sit on the Supreme Court because of his continued misleading claims and mistruths, then that is significant. That is something that should speak volumes to voters.
And by volumes, she's talkin' the entire set of United States Reports, including Messrs. Dallas, Cranch, and Wheaton.

The blogger immediately set upon his latest scoop by endorsing the tremendously rockin' Mr. Bauer for Dodge County Branch 4 Judge.

He paraphrased admonitions made to his dear old since-departed Grandma at the Euchre table by advising Dodge County voters, "Turn down a Bauer, lose for an hour."

The blogger went on to address, in bullet point fashion, the several readers at the paper who he's noticed lingering often for quarter-hours at a time, via the miracle of Google analytics, which reports the metro daily's host address as ""

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Display Name said...

Both and do not appear to be owned by the Milwaukee Journal. The domains are registered by different companies and the webs are parked for generic revenue harvesting.

illusory tenant said...

Well aren't you the wet blanket of fun and levity.

Display Name said...

Coming soon, a new parody blog:!

capper said...

3) Mgmt — I'm at, work cheap, and require minimal editng.

Tee Hee.