March 17, 2008

Conservative lawyers implicate Gableman

Speaking of Charlie Sykes, I see from one of the blog feeds that he's touting a letter authored by Rick Esenberg of Marquette Law School and a few of his "prominent conservative" friends in support of Wisconsin District II Court of Appeals Judge Lisa Neubauer, who is also running on the April 1 ballot to retain her seat.

Neubauer, like Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler, was appointed to the bench by Governor Jim Doyle. Butler's own seat is being challenged by Burnett County Judge Michael Gableman.

Part of the letter contains the following criteria:
Judgment is founded on and requires three distinct and essential qualities:

1. Intelligence - the capacity to truly understand the law.
2. Diligence - a demonstrated willingness to work hard.
3. Integrity - both judicial integrity to follow the law made by others and personal integrity.
A number of things would seem to indicate that the signatories may have a difficult time rationalizing these essential requirements with any support for Gableman they may express, however implicit.

Somebody remind me again where much of Gableman's political support is coming from? Oh right, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, with the substantial assistance of Prof. Rick Esenberg.

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Rick Esenberg said...

For the record, I cannot claim credt for writing the letter. I only signed it.