March 21, 2008


Constitutional rights = needless technicalities: WMC

Behold: the awesome powers of Justice Louis Butler's lone dissenting opinion among a quorum of seven.
A second ad, sponsored by [Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce], says Butler "almost jeopardized" a murder prosecution.
Check out: courtesy of Snoozeweek.
The ad also says Butler focused on "needless technicalities," when the case [State v. Jensen] involves a question of constitutional rights so important that the U.S. Supreme Court will weigh in on the subject this spring.
roflolol — that may be the best pro-Gableman message yet.

Peruse: This here blog's look at the past and future of State v. Jensen (whilst grooving to the mellow song stylings of Engelbert).

Discard: The United States Constitution.

[Please visit the iT Butler/Gableman archive.]

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