March 10, 2008

More Gableman campaign irony

WISC-TV in Madison won't broadcast a pro-Michael Gableman advertising spot produced by an outfit called the Coalition for America's Families. For why? Because it's gruesome and might affect the families of the parties involved in the case. The Coalition already had problems with the ad in Green Bay because it contained potentially defamatory language. What a circus.

Source: Armstrong ad won't run.


Anonymous said...

Is there any sense of whether this amalgam of campaign lies, gross bad taste, incompetent legal commentary, and revelations of dodgy appointment circumstances is shaping up to result in the humiliating Gableman loss that seems so richly deserved? What's the mood on the streets, where people gather to discuss the weather, the price of gas, and the judicial elections?

illusory tenant said...

Damn good question, and worthy of its own forthcoming post.