March 14, 2008

Who are those child molesters?

Burnett County Judge Michael Gableman's campaign ad released today features a sequence of nine photos, over the title and the narration, "Putting child molesters behind bars for over 100 years."

Setting aside the ludicrous grammar (Gableman is only 41), the sixth in the series appears to be Larry J. "Cowboy" Livingston, who pleaded guilty to First Degree Sexual Assault of a Child, a Class B felony that carries a potential prison term of 40 years (plus 20 years extended supervision).

Livingston was sentenced by tough-on-crime Judge Gableman on January 26, 2005, to three years in prison and two years extended supervision. Livingston is out of prison now, and living in Danbury, WI. That's eight child molesters and 97 years to go.

There are not a lot of registered sex offenders from Burnett County who've been sentenced during Gableman's tenure for crimes that could be considered child molesting. Hopefully Gableman's campaign will identify the individuals depicted and their whereabouts.

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