March 21, 2008

The Academy of Arts and Gablemans

Funny letter to the editor in today's Capital Times:
[A Gableman ad] says Butler would make a bad ruling if he was only given the chance. Butler hadn't actually made this ruling, mind you, but Gableman says he would if he could. Gableman is sure of it. The listener doesn't have to even fact check this one. Listening to the ad twice is enough.

The ads have a reasoning so unique that they defy the ordinary labels assigned to negative campaigning.
Paid political advertisement, I dub thee, a "Gableman."
I would encourage voters to pay attention so they can pick out the "Gablemans." This exercise is a good way to cope with the drollery of it all. It may even be fun. Try it at home yourself.

Surgeon General's Warning
Drinking game version may cause cirrhosis.

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