March 15, 2008

Plaisted on Gableman

As usual, learned counsel Mike Plaisted minces no words and pulls no punches. As for Janine Geske's quote carried by the AP report, Plaisted's wish to disassociate "we" from "us" is well taken, and I almost said exactly the same thing last night as a small caveat to endorsing Justice Geske's assessment in full.

But I refrained because Geske, in giving impressive effect to why she is one of the most respected lawyers in the State, is lamenting the fact that Gableman himself is a Wisconsin attorney and judge, yet he is engaging in this appalling conduct, and it brings dishonor on the entire profession. We are all tarnished by it, and in some sense we are responsible, or at least responsible for correcting it.

If there really is any justice, then this manifestly disgraceful advertisement should sink Michael Gableman's misbegotten and misguided quest for the Wisconsin Supreme Court once and for all, and right this instant. Because he clearly has no business there.

And if I was a full-on supporter of general elections for Wisconsin Supreme Court justices (I'm ambivalent), I'd be cringing at this latest revealing of Gableman's odious strategy.

Alternatively, if I supported those general elections and was a Gableman surrogate or supporter, I could understand perfectly well why a merit-based appointment system would be so distasteful.

Because this man wouldn't stand a chance.

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